Corriere della Sera, the NY Times of Italy did an article on my study in Italy!!!

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A blind American in Milan between insanity and affection.

So I get this call from a lady who interviewed me about my cooking class a couple weeks ago and she asked if she could give my info to a journalist. I said sure and a few days ago I got a call from a man while I was eating dinner. He asked if he could interview me and I said sure. While he was asking me questions, Claudia, my girlfriend, came down and when I was finished, she asked who that was. I couldn’t remember the name, but I did remember della Sera. Claudia said in a super excited tone “Corriere della Sera?” I said yes, that was it. She started freaking out and saying that that is the only newspaper she reads every day!
I guess it is the most famous newspaper in Italy.
So it’s not surprising that she is the one who sent me the article when it came out!