A Glimpse into my Life

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Brandon Biggs Won’t Let Sightlessness Interfere With Opera
Is an article one of my friends, Chris Barylick, wrote on me. It talks about all the projects I tend to have my fingers in at any one time!
He talks about the projects I was involved with in Italy as well as some of the non Opera related things I did before going to Italy. I would say this article really gives a good look at my life over the last couple years!

My First Performance Back in the States!

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Just One of Those Things: An Evening With Cole Porter
will be my first performance here in the U.S. after returning from Italy. It will be August 23 at 6 P.M. at the San Jose Women’s club. I will be singing I Concentrate on You. This is the first event of the new San Jose Musical Theater! They are getting money to do their first show. There will be very distinguished guests such as Bing Crosby’s latest wife (she will be singing!) and other south bay musical theater stars! There will also be a live and a silent auction with awesome items such as week-long cruises, a full trip to New York to see a Broadway show, some tickets for shows in the area as well as… A hand made authentic romantic Italian dinner by yours truly with music by erm… me too! 😀 It will be at my parent’s palace in Gilroy with Bob Sunshine as the accompanist.
So come on down and listen to me and see if you can get this once in a life-time experience!
So get your tickets:

Also check out the Facebook page here!

CSU East Bay Points to me as Their Example of Diversity and Inclusion in Global Education!

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CSU East Bay is known for being the most diverse school in California. INSIGHT Into Diversity just did an article talking about this and I am featured as the crowning achievement in “Global Education for All Students”:
Cal State East Bay Focuses on Inclusivity Here and Abroad

They really are super supportive over at CSU East Bay for disabled people to go over seas!

Reid My Mind and Gatewave Radio present… me!

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Checkout the Reid My Mind interview
done for
Gatewave Radio
I was interviewed last week and this turned out great!
It has me talking about my life, what I did in school, how I got into performing, my opinions on Italian life and even how I met my girlfriend!!!
click here and have a listen!

You can use credit cards in Italy, you just can’t at the blind goods store. So I didn’t want to take over a hundred euro in cash there.

Corriere della Sera, the NY Times of Italy did an article on my study in Italy!!!

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A blind American in Milan between insanity and affection.

So I get this call from a lady who interviewed me about my cooking class a couple weeks ago and she asked if she could give my info to a journalist. I said sure and a few days ago I got a call from a man while I was eating dinner. He asked if he could interview me and I said sure. While he was asking me questions, Claudia, my girlfriend, came down and when I was finished, she asked who that was. I couldn’t remember the name, but I did remember della Sera. Claudia said in a super excited tone “Corriere della Sera?” I said yes, that was it. She started freaking out and saying that that is the only newspaper she reads every day!
I guess it is the most famous newspaper in Italy.
So it’s not surprising that she is the one who sent me the article when it came out!


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Barihunky season at innovative West Edge Opera

That is right! I got my name in a Barihunks article at 22!!!

La bohème features casting appropriate to a venue dedicated [to] disability rights, as blind barihunk Brandon Keith Biggs will sing Colline in a cast that also includes Jordan Eldredge as Schaunard and V. Savoy McIlwain as Marcello. Biggs sight impairment is due to having Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis, a rare inherited eye disease that appears at birth or in the first few months of life, and affects around 1 in 80,000 of the population.