My First Performance Back in the States!

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Just One of Those Things: An Evening With Cole Porter
will be my first performance here in the U.S. after returning from Italy. It will be August 23 at 6 P.M. at the San Jose Women’s club. I will be singing I Concentrate on You. This is the first event of the new San Jose Musical Theater! They are getting money to do their first show. There will be very distinguished guests such as Bing Crosby’s latest wife (she will be singing!) and other south bay musical theater stars! There will also be a live and a silent auction with awesome items such as week-long cruises, a full trip to New York to see a Broadway show, some tickets for shows in the area as well as… A hand made authentic romantic Italian dinner by yours truly with music by erm… me too! 😀 It will be at my parent’s palace in Gilroy with Bob Sunshine as the accompanist.
So come on down and listen to me and see if you can get this once in a life-time experience!
So get your tickets:

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Exploring WordPress So I can soon have a full website migration!

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I have spent the last 2 days configuring my server and figuring out all the functionality WordPress has. In the beginning it was rather frustrating as creating a “website” with WP is not the easiest thing, but I hope I’ve got a handle on everything now. This post is using the unbelievably awesome plugin for WordPress, Jetpack and the “sharing” section. What this 1/33th of the plugin does is shares any blog I wish to what ever social media platforms I wish. How awesome is that? I don’t know about you, But I am really really bad at posting in every account and page that should be updated about my life…
In other news, only 1 day left in the United States!