All 4 of the Biggs family playing mini golf together
All 4 of the Biggs family playing mini golf together

This is who I grew up with:

Sonja Biggs

My mom, Sonja, is a teacher of the blind and visually impaired as well as an orientation and mobility specialist. She is the one who always tells me to follow my dreams (unless those dreams are rather risky). Her website is:
There you can find articles and info about being a parent of blind children and about blindness in general.

Atom Biggs

My dad, Atom, is a registered nurse and professional photographer. He is the one who says for me to look at the practical side of things and doing things that are risky are just a part of living. His website is:
Atom's portraits
He can take pictures of weddings, graduations, parties, engagements, theater productions and just about anything you wish.

Joshua Biggs

My brother, Josh, is studying to be a game designer. We grew up playing computers together. With his eyes and my brain, we made an awesome team! He first played computer games with me, now we nerd out about programming with one another.
Here is his Deviant Art page
He is an artist and here are some of his first masterpieces.