My Philosophy

It is said that being blind is a sighted person's greatest fear. Blindness is nothing to be afraid of. People who are blind are just like sighted people, with one exception...their eyes don't function in the same way. Does this mean that people who are blind cannot achieve or do the same things that sighted people can do? Of course not. People who are blind are just as smart, just as capable, just as talented, and just as motivated to be successful in life as sighted people. Sometimes a person who is blind needs to do things a little differently to achieve the same results, but people are always taking alternate routes to get places in life. Sometimes, a blind person can do things a little more efficiently than someone who is sighted because of the advanced technology we use. Sometimes our dating can be extra fun because of the things we do

Brandon and his gorgeous girlfriend in front of Buckingham palace

Traveling to London and experiencing that magnificent city through the audio tours with a beautiful woman.
My life is rich and full of exciting moments just like a sighted person's can be. I know it is hard for a sighted person to imagine, but for me, being blind is normal. It is all I know so it is not a debilitating handicap. It is a normal way of being and I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. My parents always say to reach for the stars and I do just that. I always say:
"Dream the impossible dream...then live it!"

My Eyes

I have a rare genetic mutation in my eyes called CRB1. CRB1 is a part of the Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) classification. I have 20/600 in one eye and 20/1400 in the other eye. This means, what ever most people can see at 600 or 1400 feet, I can see at 20 feet. If people ask "Yes, but how much can you see?" I say "enough to get me in trouble!" I can see your face, but your eyes just look like two black holes in your face and I can see a slight discoloration where your nose, mouth and chin are. I can also see hair color to some extent, but hair just looks like one smooth sheet of something.