Projects and Ventures


Audiom is an inclusive cross-sensory map viewer that can show geographic information visually, in audio, and in text. Audiom can be integrated into any existing application or website to make that application more accessible.

Magic Map

The Magic Map is a cross-sensory interactive 3D model map, digital auditory map, and turn-by-turn navigation system. During a co-design, blind participants described an ideal navigation solution, which included these elements.

Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc.

Sonja Biggs Educational Services, Inc. is a company that partners with schools and other educational agencies to provide elements of the visually impaired program, including teachers of the blind and visually impaired (TVIs). SBES has developed an innovative method of providing hybrid TVI services and prides itself on being a group of some of the best teachers in the nation.

Engineer at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute

At the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, Brandon works as an engineer in the Coughlan lab. His work at SKERI supports his aim of building technology for blind users.

XR Navigation

XR Navigation is the knowledge technology transfer partner for Brandon’s map research. XR Navigation provides a way to commercialize the important technology developed at by Brandon and his teams.

PhD at Georgia Tech

Brandon is currently a PhD student in the Human Centered Computing program at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here, Brandon is focusing on researching techniques for digital auditory mapping as part of the Sonification lab.